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I'm a long time Calphalon Hard Anodized Commercial aficionado. I picked up a pretty complete set of the original here on Amazon as they phased it out 8-10 years ago at ridiculously cheap prices. I've used it ever since and am still very happy with it. I had the opportunity to test this Analon set though and it was too good a chance to pass up. For the time being I've retired the Calphalon to the basement (the original stuff seems to last forever and I can always go back) to give the Analon a fair shake. I had one small non-stick Analon (3/4 qt?) pot I picked up a long time ago and it still looks brand new so I'm well disposed to the brand. I do treat my cookware with the proper respect it deserves. No metal tools, no dishwasher, no steel wool- I only soak if need be and use mostly nylon, silicone, or wood tools. If you want your expensive stuff to last that really is the best way. Once you make that conversion and change your habits it's pretty easy.

The set is impressive coming out of the box. It has a good heft and feel. While the bronze might not be the best fit with my decor, it's nicely subdued and doesn't seem like it would be one of those colors that will look dated in a couple of years. It's easy to do online research on the non-stick coating it has- Duponts Signature2. If you're uptight about non-stick or aluminum cookware you probably shouldn't be looking at this or any similar set. I don't think there's anything I've seen that indicates there's any problem with a set that used and maintained properly. I suppose it's possible like with any tool to damage or melt it into slag if you're not careful-but you're much more likely to get into a car accident than have cookware related health issues imho.

The non-stick surface is one of the best I've seen. Read the directions. Just to be clear, read the directions. Different cookware and different surfaces are as different to cook with as electric vs. gas stoves. The best way to cook with these if you're looking to get a "sear" is to bring the pan up to heat, then add your oil/spray, then add your food. You can get a sear and you can deglaze if you read the instructions.

I can't speak to the durability of this set yet. I've only used it a few times so far, but it still looks like I just unwrapped it. I have some iron fry pans from my grandmothers that I'd like to pass down, I expect I'll be able to pass on most of the Calphalon too (the non non-stick at least). It will be interesting to see how long this non-stick surface lasts. The claims would seem to indicate a very long time, but I don't know if non-stick has reached the point of becoming an heirloom. 
By J. Flood (New Jersey) -   [read original review here]

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